Let's mix in 30 seconds!

The iPhone/iPod Touch application "Mix Graffiti" has been released at the iTunes AppStore!

monobyte Inc.

Head office: Fukui prefecture

President: Eiichi Miyagawa

monobyte Inc., creator of cellular phone applications, has officially released the iPhone/iPod touch application Mix Graffiti in English and Japanese on July 03, 2012.

An Introduction of the Application

Let's mix in 30 seconds!

A mixture of two themes, let's draw a picture.

However, the time limit is 30 seconds!

"Rabbit + Pig"

That's easy!

"Gorilla + Penguin"

We can work it out.

"Hedgehog + Peacock"


"Japanese monkey + Shiba Inu"


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Category : Entertainment

Value : Free

Model : iPhone/iPod touch

Requirements : Requires iPhone 5.0 Software Update


Mix Graffiti

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