The name of the game is match, match, match!

Match Match Shapes

Category : Puzzle

Value : $0.99

Model : iPhone/iPod touch

Requirements : Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

Download is possible from here.

Match Match Shapes


Basic rules

Match Match Shapes is a game in which the player tries to place as many shape sets as possible on the board within the three minute time limit.

Rotate and drag the 2x2 shape sets onto an area of the board.

The shape set can be placed on an area of the board if the shape or color of the shapes of the area match those of the shapes in the set.

When the shape set is placed correctly on the board, the original shapes will be replaced

When all three shape sets are placed on the board, new sets will appear in their place.

If no shape sets can be placed on the board, touch the reload button on the bottom right hand corner to replace them with new sets.


If a shape set is placed in the same area as one from before, more points will be given. Continue to place the shape sets in the same area to acquire lots of points.

Once all three sets are placed on the board, bonus points will be given. Continue placing all three sets on the board to increase the amount of bonus points acquired. Only use the reload button in case of emergencies!


Once you acquire a high score, submit it to the online score ranking system. Where do YOU rank in the world?


Play with up to two people on one iPhone/iPod touch

Score the most points to win!

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